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About ASN – Live Automobile Sales And Auctions

What is ASN? Auto Stream Network is a uniquely designed multi-purpose “live” interactive automobile sales network with both live sales and live auctions. The difference between the 2 is live auctions have a bidding platform and live sales don’t.It was designed to bring local dealerships together with local buyers in an easy and simple format as well as to allow consumers to view cars from around the world live and buy or bid in real time. Live Automobile Sales And Auctions.

Salesman: When the Internet became popular I was told that the old school salesman was a thing of the past the consumers would no longer have the need for them and that it would be much cheaper for businesses to automate and do away with the sales breed as well. AutoStream Network brings old school sales and new world technology together and in this case instead of it being 1 salesman to 1 customer it’s now 1 too many and since sales is a numbers game that’s a good thing.

Car Dealers are provided with their very own customized channel it is designed and branded as yours with your entire website IFramed beneath a live media player making it easy to navigate for customers. See with this format your dealer inventory is underneath your media player, in fact your entire website is therefore there’s no cumbersome process of uploading your inventory and while customers are watching the live sale or auction they are able to shop in your dealer website without leaving the live page. Although a dealer dashboard is part of your tool set with all your customized tools (upload etc.,,) getting “live” can be immediate.

Customized dealer channels are provided with a complete “back end” meaning all technology development, servers which have unlimited viewer capacity are provided as well as design” The only thing you provide is the lap top and camera.

Live and Interactive: In the live sales an interactive chat board has been made available to allow communication between the buyer and seller. In the live auction remember theres not only a chat board but also a live video player and a bidding platform allowing all bids to be real time.

Bidding History: The bidding platform within the ASN provides “bidders” with a complete up to date history of the bids placed on the vehicle

Archiving: Each and every live sale or auction can be archived this not only allows viewers to see what they may have missed but it is also a great tool to “critique” your own performance.

Calendar: A simple to use calendar will enable you to schedule your live auctions or sales, in addition vehicle information is placed in the order in which they will be shown. This does 2 things 1) Assures the details in the bidding platform matches the vehicle being shown and Allows consumers to have a general idea of when their vehicle of interest will be shown.
1.2 Billion Vehicles On World’s Roads Now, 2 Billion By 2035

Classified Ads: A categorized classified ad section will allow individuals to picture and place their vehicle for sale, this will also allow the dealers to receive their contact info as a lead generation data base.

Comparison: Customers are provided with the ability to compare pricing among dealers on vehicles of interest.
Auction Reminder: Customers are provided with the ability to be “reminded” of auctions that they have interest in via an email “reminder” notice.

Categories: To enhance usability from the consumer side, Individuals will have the capabilities of navigation by Dealer, Car type, used or new, heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, recreational vehicles etc… As well as City, State, Adresss, Zipcode

Customers/Consumers: Customers are provided a simple to use registration where they determine a username and password for secure login to the ASN once the sign-up process is complete users receive a verification email to assure their registration.

Bidding Email: This tool is a notification alert that sends a bidding reminder or notice to the bidders email on the current status of their bid.

Advertising: The iStream Network which is a global online streamcast/broadcast network that is predominantly focused on live concerts, festivals and charity events will include the running of car dealer commercials assisting in growing the ASN viewer base.

Co-Branding: The Co-Branded URL design for ASN ( makes it simple for dealers to add their streamcast channel link to their current and future advertising campaigns.