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ASN For Dealers

Car Dealers are provided with their very own customized channel example; it is skinned and branded as yours with your entire website IFramed beneath a live media player making it easy to navigate for customers. See with this format your dealer inventory is underneath your media player, in fact your entire website is therefore there’s no cumbersome process of uploading your inventory and while customers are watching the live sale or auction they are able to shop in your dealer website without leaving the live page. Although a dealer dashboard is part of your tool set with all your customized tools (upload etc.,,) getting “live” can be immediate.


Dealer Dashboard: A Dealer Dashboard provides secured login access for administrative functions, features and tools.

Live and Interactive: In the live sales an interactive chat board has been made available to allow communication between the buyer and seller. In the live auction remember there’s not only a chat board but also a live video player and a bidding platform allowing all bids to be real time.

Archiving: Each and every live sale or auction can be archived this not only allows viewers to see what they may have missed but it is also a great tool to “critique” your own performance.

Calendar: A simple to use calendar will enable you to schedule your live auctions or sales, in addition vehicle information is placed in the order in which they will be shown. This does 2 things 1) Assures the details in the bidding platform matches the vehicle being shown and Allows consumers to have a general idea of when their vehicle of interest will be shown.

Co-Branding: The Co-Branded URL design for ASN (Your makes it simple for dealers to add their streamcast channel link to their current and future advertising campaigns.

  • Provides your sales team with a tool they need to convert shoppers into buyers.
  • Expands your Dealerships sales reach outside your local market.
  • Users are not required to download any software to stream video.
  • Allows sales person to offer or up sell similar vehicle(s) during video tour.
  • Increases service absorption rate (make your service department more profitable).
  • Keeps consumers/Viewers engaged.
  • Parts department can visually confirm correct part before delivery.
  • Preview or inspect vehicles at auctions.
  • Increase Buyer/consumer confidence and Dealer awareness through transparency.

Schedule XML & CSV listing Importer:
Batch XML and CSV importing of car listings, map your existing fields to the theme files and import your file and listing sin one click.

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